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Next-generation mixers play an important role in the rubber and tire industry.
The demand for high quality and high performance of various rubber products including but not limited to automobile tires is becoming higher and higher. The mixing process is the critical process that greatly affects the final quality of rubber and tire products. Thus, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems provides various rubber mixers complying with the customers' needs.
Mitsubishi internal mixers including NM series (Neo Meler), a new generation mixer, and MR series, with a long successful record, respond to a wide variety of needs by achieving innovative mixing performance.
Variety of mixing rotors is available depending upon the usage and characteristic of mixing compounds.

Outline of product

Mitsubishi Internal Mixer

Mitsubishi Internal mixers are available in sufficient model sizes ranging from the laboratory size, with small capacity (several liters), to the mass production machine with large capacity (several hundred liters). We are also ready for the customer's inquiry regarding the whole mixing line.

MR Series
MR Series
NM Series
NM Series

Features of the MR series

Intermeshing rotor system

MR-E series Internal Mixer equips with intermeshing type rotor which has a unique wing contour different from that of conventional rotors. This mixer provides with high quality, high productivity, high durability, and low maintenance required in today's rubber industry. This series shows excellent mixing performance in heavy load mixing operation of soft to hard compounds.
MR-EX series Internal Mixer is an innovative mixer that was developed for the silica impregnated compounds.
Tandem mixing system is also available, in which production size mixer is positioned at the upper side and larger size one is at the lower side.

Tandem mixing system<
Tandem mixing system

Tangential rotor system

MMR-X series Internal Mixer equips with a tangential type rotor widely used mainly in the tire industry as a basic model. MR-X series developed based on long experiences includes various rotor wing contours that can be selected depending on the mixer application from the mastication to the final batch, responding to mixing needs for many purposes.

Features of the NM series

Intermeshing rotor system

NM series (Neo Meler) is now a focus of attention especially in the industrial rubber goods industry as a new generation kneader. The Neo Meler with an intermeshing type rotor developed exclusively for the MR-E series mixer has been drastically improved in the mixing performance to the extent that no conventional kneaders have ever achieved. As a kneader, it also has a compact structure and excellent maintainability.

Various test mixing facilities are prepared in our development center for the customers' convenience to check/confirm the mixing performance of our internal mixers.

MR & NM Series Product Lineup

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Model Mixer Capacity
MR Series Tangential rotor 270L to 420L
Intermeshing rotor 5L to 550L
Tandem mixing 320L/550L to 550L/1,000L
NM Series Intermeshing rotor 3L to 140L


Manufacturing Industry (rubber product manufacturing, chemical industry, and others)

Quality Improvement, Productivity Enhancement

Quality improvement of rubber/tire products

The demand for rubber/tire products of improved quality and productivity has been strongly growing in the last few years. Our internal mixer is equipped with a rotor which has a unique wing contour different from that of conventional rotors and drastically enhances the quality and productivity of rubber products. Customers can visit our development center to try out any of the several internal mixers we set up on permanent display for demonstration use.

Products and Service

Guidance (directory) on our internal mixers for demonstration use

Various internal mixers are set up on permanent display for demonstration use. Why not visit our center to try them out?

We recommend our products to customers who want to:

  • Enhance the physical properties of their rubber products.
  • Improve their rubber manufacturing and processing processes.

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