For the process industry

Conveying pump

Conveying pump As conveying pumps, we have the large capacity high-pressure pump of large centrifugal type and the high head large capacity demineralized water pump, and have supplied a number of such pumps for industrial use and for city water supply both domestically and overseas. The large capacity centrifugal pump for concrete embedding is the typical type of such pumps.

Large pump for sewage drainage

Large pump for sewage drainage As large pumps for sewage drainage, we have the large capacity mixed flow pump and the axial flow pump and supplied a number of such pumps domestically and overseas.

Pump for pipeline

Pump for pipeline The pump for pipeline is used for the long distance transportation of oil, water, etc., and the large multi-stage centrifugal pump or the mixed flow pump is usually adopted for this purpose.

Absorber re-circulation pump

The absorber re-circulation pump is used for transportation of highly corrosion-resisting slurry, and the large centrifugal pump or the mixed flow type pump is usually adopted.

Multi-stage high-pressure pump

Multi-stage high-pressure pump This is the pump for sending crude oil with high pressure in the operation of the oil or chemical plant.

Seawater pump for the vaporizer

This is the pump for LNG refinery Plant. We have delivered a number of variable pitch vane or fixed pitch vane mixed pumps for this purpose. With this pump, seawater is poured on the liquefied natural gas and the liquefied natural gas is vaporized.

Other technology

Flywheel for power storage

Flywheel for power storage This is the device that makes it possible to store energy in the form of kinetic energy by high speed revolving of the flywheel main body, and stores electricity by giving and receiving of the outside and electrical energy with the power conversion device. L

arge capacity inverter system

Large capacity inverter system This is the system that can control the capacity by changing the frequency of electricity to control the number of revolutions of the rotating machine.