Solving the world's energy problems with technology, toward a sustainable, safe, secure, and comfortable society.

  • Energy Supply

    Energy Transition

Mission 1 Decarbonize existing infrastructure

Electric power is essential to both people’s daily lives and industry. We must both ensure stable supplies of electricity and reduce its societal costs. MHI Group will decarbonize existing thermal power plants and promote utilization of nuclear power as a stable, large-scale and carbon-free source of electricity.

Mission 2 Build a hydrogen solutions ecosystem

Pure hydrogen does not exist in nature. It is expensive to produce, it requires both a means of transport and storage infrastructure. For these issues, the MHI Group aims to build a value chain for hydrogen usage in proactive collaboration with other companies. We are also participating in leading edge projects globally.

Mission 3 Build a CO2 solutions ecosystem

Building a value chain that encompasses CO2 capture, transport, storage, distribution, conversion and utilization is essential to realize carbon neutrality.
In 1990, MHI Group and Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), Inc., started jointly developing technologies to capture CO2 from flue gases. Today, MHI Group continues to develop technologies to realize CO2 ecosystems.

  • Energy Use

    Smart Infrastructure

Mission 1 Intelligent Logistics Systems

E-commerce has been growing since the pandemic.The MHI Group is developing a new concept, the Automated Guided Forklift (AGF).Efforts are being made to smoothly link people with a variety of logistics machines to build an intelligent logistics system.

Mission 2 Data Center Decarbonization and Energy Conservation

The rapid digitization of society has led to a significant increase in demand for data centers. The MHI Group will contribute to the construction of power and cooling equipment infrastructure for data centers by utilizing advanced cooling technologies developed at various plants.

Mission 3 Infrastructure to Support Autonomous Mobility

The demand for decarbonization and energy conservation on the energy usage side is increasing, and the automation of mobility is advancing as a smart social infrastructure. The MHI Group supports the development of automated mobility with environmental control technology, digital twin technology, and monitoring/communication technology.