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Rubber & Tire Machinery [ INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY ]

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The manufacturing of tires involves various production processes, including mixing of raw ingredients, molding the rubber sheets, applying heat and pressure to complete the product, and quality inspection.

Rubber Mixer

A rubber mixer is a machine that kneads rubber, the raw ingredient of tires, with sulfur and other chemicals using rotating blades. The mixing process is critical to the final quality of rubber and tire products. We offer a full lineup of various rubber mixers to cater to our customers' needs.


A cutter is a machine that cuts rubber-coated sheet-form materials, made of numerous cords made of synthetic fibers (such as nylon) and steel, into predetermined sizes and at specific angles.

Molding Machine

The molding machine is used to assemble the sheet-form material cut by the cutter, the tread (thick rubber for the outer circumference of a tire), the bead (a steel ring to fix a wheel and a tire), etc., into a shape close to a tire.

Curing Press

The curing press is a machine used to apply heat and pressure to mold the outer surface of the tire to form grooves and trademark and other designs, as well as to finalize the tire by curing the rubber through a chemical reaction.

Inspection Machine

Upon completion, the balance and overall uniformity of the tires are tested by the inspection machine to ensure that they satisfied a prescribed level of quality.