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After-sale service system
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Service Overview
Changing tire size To enable the production of tires of more sizes by modifying loader/unloader, central mechanism, and other components.
Upgrading hydraulic machines To prevent oil leakage by upgrading obsolete hydraulic machines that leak.


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Service Overview
Periodical inspections and checks and measures to improve operating status To check measurement accuracy, the accuracy and conditions of equipment such as spindles and upper rim lifting apparatus, the accuracy of waveform load cell signals, etc.
Upgrading obsolete equipment To upgrade spindles, upper rim lifting apparatus, traversers, bead lubes, markers, rims, etc.
Upgrading control devices and control software To upgrade FANUC control devices, PLCs, touch panels, servo motors, etc.
Installing an additional tire tread continuity checker To add a simplified continuity inspection device for silica-reinforced tires on the conveyer line (deal configured for offline use).
Improving the marker function To upgrade existing markers and make modifications to improve marking performance parameters such as the marking position and accuracy.

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