ESG Finance

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    We believe ESG Finance such as Green Finance and Transition Finance are not merely means of financing for investments but present us with valuable opportunities for dialogue and communication with investors and society at large. Through continuous dialogue with investors and our broader stakeholders we will enhance corporate value by accelerating our energy transition efforts and utilizing financing arrangements appropriate to these areas.

    Green Bond

    2nd Series MHI Green Bond

    Maturity 5 Years
    Issuance amount 15 billion JPY
    Interest rate 0.09%
    Date of issue  September 1, 2021
    Use of proceeds New or existing businesses or projects relating to renewable energy or clean energy (wind, geothermal and hydrogen power systems)

    Transition Bond

    Maturity 5 Years (expected)
    Amount To be announced
    Timing First half of FY2022 (expected)
    Use of Proceeds (expected)
    • Hydrogen Gas Turbine (100% hydrogen combustion/co-firing)
    • Steam Power (conversion to ammonia co-firing)
    • Gas engine for power generation
      (hydrogen-exclusive firing/co-firing)
    • Production of hydrogen (blue or turquoise etc.)
    • Metals machinery (hydrogen based ironmaking etc.)
    • CO2 capture/storage


    This press release has been prepared for the sole purpose of publicly announcing the Company’s transition finance, and not for the purpose of soliciting investment or engaging in any other similar activities within or outside Japan.