Bogie Dynamic Simulator
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High-Speed Travel Simulations for Railway Bogie

Outline of Product

Reproduction of Various Traveling Conditions

Traveling test equipment developed for high-speed traveling simulations testing for railway bogie. The system tests to confirm the traveling stability and to collect vibration data, noise data, etc. during high-speed travel -data that previously could be only obtained through actual travel. The tests are conducted to achieve “Faster, Quieter, and More Comfortable” bogie


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Quantity of specimens Per bogie
Maximum axle load 20tons
Maximum bogie speed 500km/h
Distance between rails 1067,435mm
Wheelbase 1,500 to 3,000mm
Acceleration 1.0km/h (Wagon speed of 300 km or more)
0.5km/h (Wagon speed of less than 300 km)

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