Hydraulic Components


We supply a wide array of products as foundations for industrial activities, backing them with our key “Hydraulic Pressure” and “Control” technologies.

Our various types of deck machinery operating in harbors throughout the world go far in rationalizing ship cargo handling with greater reliability and at faster speeds. Our motor vehicle collision simulator, shaking table experiment facilities, and related testing systems validate the safety of architectural structures and industrial products all over the world to protect people and their livelihoods from accidents and disasters. Our hydraulic machinery is one of the forces driving this equipment. Compact, high-performance hydraulic machinery is used extensively not only for test equipment and marine machinery, but in every industrial field requiring power, control, and labor saving. The air heater, meanwhile, helps secure a stable supply of electricity by enhancing the combustion efficiency of the boiler using heat recovered from the exhaust gas. We continue to protect and support people and their livelihoods by developing future-oriented forms of manufacturing using innovative technologies.

Main Products

  • Various types of test equipment to test the fatigue vibration, etc. of diversified and complicated architectural and civil structures.
  • Motor vehicle collision simulator to reproduce vehicle collisions.
  • Various types of deck machinery designed to handle an abundant and diverse range of loading and unloading conditions.
  • Hydraulic machinery widely used in every industrial field requiring power, control, and labor saving.
  • Air heater to preheat combustion air with exhaust gas heat recovered from the boiler.

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