Realizing machinery systems that connects the present and future of land, sea, air, and space.

  • Foundations of manufacturing

    To deepen and explore basic technologies


Improve product performance by developing and utilizing advanced materials.


Creating a sustainable society in the fields of energy, chemicals and the environment.


Supporting Manufacturing with Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

  • Machine reliability

    To improve customer value with reliability

Strength and Structure

Know the limits of strength and support product reliability.

Vibration and Sound

Control vibration and noise to create a safe and secure future.


Increase the added value of mechanical systems and contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society.

  • Efficiency and performance

    To compete with the world


Control the flow to and create the future


Support a decarbonized society with honed rotating fluid machinery technology


Challenging core technology of MISSION NET ZERO

Heat transfer

Create and use energy

  • Electrification and Intelligence

    To change the Value of Mechanical Systems & Services

Power Electronics

Save energy with small and high-power electric systems and achieve marginal performance through sensing and control

AI/Digital Transformation

Transforming the value chain of the future with the power of AI and Digital Transformation

IoT Security

Supporting safe, secure and smart social infrastructure

Controller and sensor information processing

Support the autonomy and intelligence of products

Communications and Networks

Accelerate remote monitoring and remote operation of mobility products

  • The value of manufacturing

    To provide new solutions that are yet to be seen through technology and customer perspective

Value provided to customers

Challenge transformational service

Increased productivity

Competitiveness enhanced by experience in the field

  • Creating the future of people and machines

    Drawing the future of mechanical systems with original ideas, human networks, prototype and evaluation


A diverse group of experts who explore the possibilities of the future with an approach that incorporates a variety of perspectives and design methods