Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group has developed and implemented various reforms over the past decade. We have overhauled our management structure, transitioned to a domain-based system, and executed numerous mergers and acquisitions to further bolster our financial position and strengthen our business foundation.

On this newly-fortified foundation, we have been able to quickly and effectively resolve outstanding issues and realign our strategic positioning. Moving forward, we plan to further develop our global group management, formulate optimal growth strategies, and take the necessary steps to achieve a balanced corporate structure with a 1:1:1 ratio of business size, assets, and market capitalization. In other words, we will strive to achieve a triple - one proportion (TOP), and in the process, become a sustainable, highly profitable company.
We will do our utmost to firmly establish these reforms and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders concerned.

In addition, we will implement initiatives that are not tied to the traditional MHI Group framework, by assembling global group management that suits the characteristics of our Group's businesses, creating a vision for the future, and moving forward with the realization of that vision, while developing and utilizing a diverse range of human resources.

Our Group's mission is to contribute to the advancement of society. To this end, we will continue to be a corporate group capable of accurately identifying customer and market needs and providing world-class, forward-looking solutions.



Seiji Izumisawa
President and CEO