Driving Simulator
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In recent aircraft, shipbuilding, and vehicle industries, the comfort of occupants - to say nothing of performance improvement in conveyances themselves - becomes a big concern.

The abundant experience and outstanding performance results of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems with driving simulators ensures reliable delivery of the equipment the customer needs.

Driving Simulator

Adoption of new acceleration control algorithm for reducing simulator sickness and reappearance of real accelaration feeling.


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Type 6 D.O.F motion platform
(Stewart platform type by motor driven servo-actuator)
Output acceleration Translation direction 9.8m/s2
Rotation direction 200deg/s2

Dynamic Driving Simulator

This is a next-generation driving simulator to analyze the ride comfort characteristics of automobiles. Real acceleration is reproduced by a large-amplitude translation device driven by a linear motor.


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Type Gimbal & rail type
Operating range Roll±40°
Illustration of the Dynmic Driving Simulator

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