Multi-axis Simulation Table
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Testing and evaluating the endurance of components and modules (such as the engine mounts, etc. for automobiles)

Outline of Product

Corresponds to Various Endurance Tests

You can measure and evaluate durability characteristics of car engine-mount, components and modules etc. applying torques to a specimen on the 6 D.O.F. shaking table.


Six-degrees of-freedom Vibration + 2 Torques
Multi axial shaking test using synchronous control.
Reproduction of the Acceleration, etc. of a Specimen with High Precision
The acceleration, shaft torque, etc. at an arbitrary point of the specimen are reproduced at high precision by obtaining the input and output transfer function of the total system (including specimens with trial vibration).
Full equipments of softwares for durability testing and analysus
Equipped with sophisticated software for endurance testing (Waveform generation, shaking control, project management, data collection, data check, data analysis, data evaluation, life estimation).



Slide horizontally to see the table.

Payload Maximum 600kg
Shaking frequency 0 to 50Hz
Displacement Maximum ± 75mm horizontal Y (lateral)
Maximum ± 75mm horizontal X (longitudinal)
Maximum ± 125mm vertical Z (vertical)
Velocity Maximum ±160cm/s horizontal Y (lateral)
Maximum ±120cm/s horizontal X (longitudinal)
Maximum ±200cm/s vertical Z (vertical)
Acceleration Maximum ±7G horizontal Y (lateral)
Maximum ±5G horizontal X (longitudinal)
Maximum ±10G vertical Z (vertical)

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