Liquid Lithium Test Loop
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Liquid Lithium Flow Test Equipment that Achieves the World's Largest Lithium Flow

A Key Facility for the Development of the Nuclear Fusion Prototype Reactor

This is a facility to validate target equipment in an accelerator when accelerating a deuteron beam into lithium to generate neutrons (liquid lithium target). The accelerator experiments are conducted as Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities (EVADA) at the International Fusion Material Irradiation Facility (IFMIF).

Toward the Realization of a Fusion Prototype Reactor

Researchers from around the world are collaborating in engineering validation and design activities to construct an International Fusion Material Irradiation Facility (IFMIF) to be used for the development and testing of materials for a fusion prototype reactor (the IFMIF/EVEDA Project).

In one validation activity, the liquid lithium test loop is used to evaluate the integrity of the lithium target, the emission source of neutrons for material irradiation.

The validation test assesses the stability of a high-speed flow of 20 m per second and the long-period integrity of the lithium loop (including safe continuous operation). The test is executed simultaneously with the lithium refinement required for the long-period integrity of lithium devices, etc.

This loop will be constructed at the Oarai Research & Development Institute, a research center with almost 40 years of experience with the technologies used to handle sodium (coolant for fast breeding reactor) [a: and liquid metals like lithium] [b: liquid metals like lithium] [c: NEW].

IFMIF Lithium Target and Test Module (Schematic View)
Whole View of the Oarai Research & Development Institute

Main Specifications of the Liquid Lithium Test Loop

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Main constituent material of the loop Stainless steel (SUS304)
Amount of lithium handled (held) 2,500kg (Approximately 5m3)
Design / maximum allowable working temperature 400°C/350°C
Normal operating temperature 250°C to 300°C
Flow rate (maximum) 3,000L/min
Flow speed Main pipe (6B) <3m/sec
Target assembly to 20m/sec
Safety countermeasures Equivalent to sodium test equipment

Construction Status

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Nov, 2, 2009 Start of construction work
Dec, 02, 2009 Start of underground pile driving
Dec, 24, 2009 Pouring of base concrete
Jan, 18, 2010 Completion of the frame foundation (floor mold)
Jan, 21, 2010 Start of stand frame installation
Mar, 16, 2010 Start of power supply facility installation
Mar, 19, 2010 Completion of the loop frame
March 26, 2010 Start loop component installation
Apr, 27, 2010 Start of pipe connection
Pouring of base concrete (December 24, 2009)
Assembly of the Stand Frame (January 26, 2010)
Power Supply Facility Carried in (March 16, 2010)
Start loop component installation (March 26, 2010)
Whole View of Loop (April 19, 2010)

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