Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

The objective of the quality assurance of the Mitsubishi group is to "achieve, maintain and improve the nuclear safety by meeting applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards, as well as the quality requirements of customers, and by providing customers with safe and reliable products and services." To accomplish this objective, the quality assurance policy has been developed as follows, for implementation of the tasks provided to the customers in various stages (research and development, planning and design, procurement, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-operation service and decommissioning) of the Mitsubishi nuclear power plants.

Establishment and continuous improvement of the quality management system that can accommodate to the change in society

  • Establish a world-class level quality management system that can accommodate to the change in society, conduct consistent and responsible activities as Mitsubishi group, and continuously improve it's effectiveness.

Exertion of comprehensive technical capabilities and achievement of customer satisfaction

  • Achieve satisfaction of the customers by having correct understanding of the trend of the society and the intent of the customers and by providing safe and reliable products and services that exert comprehensive technical capabilities of the Mitsubishi group.

Focusing on compliance and promotion of the safety culture

  • To achieve, maintain and improve the nuclear safety, act in good faith, comply extensively with the applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards, and social norms, build up a culture that give top priority to the nuclear safety in consideration of corporate ethics, and continue to be a corporate having trust from the society.

Through these efforts in regard to the quality assurance policy, MHI will fulfill accountability to the society, and move ahead on the quality assurance activities, with the aim of being the Mitsubishi group having trust from the society.

QA Organization

Based on extensive experience in construction of nuclear power plants, Mitsubishi established a consistent quality assurance (QA) system for basic planning, design, procurement, manufacture, installation, trial operation, and maintenance service, complies with applicable laws, regulations and standards, and provides a safe and reliable nuclear power plant of high performance that meets customers' requirements. Nuclear Energy Systems Quality & Safety Management Dept. take a leading part in the QA activities, develops basic policies and action plans for the quality assurance of nuclear power plants, and controls various QA activities of the Mitsubishi group companies. In addition, QA promotion meeting are set up as QA functions. With these close cooperative structure, well-coordinated QA activities are being developed.

QA Organization

QA Manual