Intellectual Property

Our Policy

The MHI Group integrates cutting-edge technology into expertise built up over many years to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues and provide better lives.
The strength of MHI Group lies in capability of manufacturing and providing products such as infrastructure systems that support our modern lives, defense products that protect national security on land, at sea and in the air, and space and deep sea systems that open up unknown areas of our world and universe.
In the meantime, since there is a need to address new issues such as climate change, cyber attacks, digitalization and so on, the MHI Group will work to realize a carbon neutral world, improve quality of life, and build a more secure world.
As part of the above efforts, the MHI Group set the following two basic policies and will contribute to the achievement of the targets set in our 2021 Medium-Term Business Plan (2021 MTBP).
・To globally protect and utilize the results of R&D and its proprietary technologies with intellectual property.
・Respect the intellectual property rights of others and respond appropriately.

Global Intellectual Property Strategy

The MHI Group maintains close relations between its shared technology framework and individual business domains, developing intellectual property strategies that combine the Group's business and technology strategies. By having the intellectual property division coordinate the intellectual property strategies of each domain, we work to realize intellectual property strategies for the Group as a whole and further enhance corporate value. Specifically, we position the use of intellectual property as the main thrust of our intellectual property activities, pursuing strategic use of intellectual properties tailored to our business portfolio. We are also increasing our number of overseas patent applications as our business grows more global, and we drive the centralization of intellectual property rights to play a key role in augmenting business earnings.

Anti-Counterfeiting Activities

Protecting MHI group brands is important to the group's global expansion, and MHI takes resolute measures against counterfeits of its products and infringement of its intellectual property rights. Through communication with the relevant authorities throughout the world, MHI is striving to eliminate such counterfeits and infringements. We are engaged in various activities such as enforcement measures against sales of infringing products, border control measures, and educational activities to raise awareness of the possible infringements and actions taken against them.