Coating Equipment

Coating a dense diamond-like carbon (DLC) film on the inner surface of a bottle improves the gas barrier capability of the bottle, prevents the quality of the content from deteriorating, and extends the shelf life dramatically. In the plastic bottle industry for beverages, where bottles are becoming progressively thinner and lighter in weight, DLC bottles are selected for a wide range of beverages. The DLC coating equipment improves the quality of customer products and reduces physical distribution cost and energy usage.

DLC coating system

DLC coating is a process to vapor-deposit a DLC film on theinner surface of a bottle by plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to prevent oxygen from flowing into the bottle, carbon dioxide from flowing out from the bottle, and the beverage from evaporating.dramatic improvement in blocking capability can lengthen the product shelf life by preventing quality loss. Mitsubishi's DLC coating process enables the formation of a dense film using high ion energy. The film achieves a high barrier performance and the world's highest level of productivity.

  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon:carbon similar in physical properties to diamond)
DLC coating system

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