Radiation Measurement System for Sacks of Rice
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High-speed, High-precision Measurement System for the Total Inspection of Rice Sacks
This was developed to meet the consumer demand for the total inspection of food products after the nuclear accident.This system is specialized for rice. It can measure one sack in 5 seconds. The level of screening is the top class in Japan.


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Measurement method Compliance with “Methods for Screening Radioactive Cesium in Foods”
Analysis objects: radioactive cesium (Cs-134 and CS-137)
Shielding 6-face shielding
Lower limit measurement value 15Bq/kg (during normal mode measurement)
10Bq/Kg (during precise mode measurement)
Screening level 80Bq/kg
Spatial dose 2μSv/h or less in the installation room
Processing ability Approximately 4 sacks/minute
Data management unit Bar code reading / QR code seal issuance
Installation environment Service temperature range: 0°C to 45°C
Service humidity range: 90% or less (no condensation permitted)
price About 20 million yen

Conceptual diagram of equipment

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