Demonstrating technology's safety, security, and comfort for implementation.

  • Energy Transition

  • Large-scale combustion test equipment
    Equipment to conduct combustion tests by combining large combustion furnaces, advanced combustion measurement and large-scale analysis
  • Blowdown combustion test equipment
    Combustion test equipment that can reproduce actual conditions by adjusting air and fuel
  • CO2 recovery pilot equipment
    Facilities for evaluating the impact of each component of the CO2 recovery process using an amine absorbing liquid on the performance of actual equipment
  • AM Equipment (Additive Manufacturing)
    Equipment for the design, manufacture, analysis, application and other technical development of AM products
  • Building a safe and secure society

  • Large three-dimensional shaking table
    Large vibration table capable to vibrate large structures of hundreds of kilograms to tens of tons
  • Wind tunnel equipment
    Large experimental facility to verify fluid phenomena caused by various wind strengths from breeze to strong wind
  • Water tank for seaworthiness
    One of the world's largest aquarium facilities for performance testing of ships and marine structures
  • Nondestructive inspection equipment
    Use eddy currents and ultrasonic waves to assess the health of a product without breaking
  • Electrification and Intelligence

  • Logistics Experiment Center
    A place where loading and unloading trucks and AGFs are permanently installed, demonstration and tests of newly developed technologies are conducted.
  • High-Capacity/High-Speed Motor Evaluation Facility
    Equipment to acquire speed and torque characteristics of large capacity/high speed motors and to check system operation
  • Electromagnetic wave analysis and measurement system
    Equipment for analyzing and verifying designs of wireless communication systems