Disclosure Policy

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    Basic Stance on Information Disclosure

    MHI's basic policy is to undertake corporate activities with full consideration accorded to the benefits and needs of all stakeholders, including its shareholders, customers, employees and business partners. In line with this policy, the Company consistently strives to enhance the transparency of its operations through swift external disclosure of accurate information.

    Information Disclosure Standards

    MHI discloses information in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as the rules stipulated by the financial instruments exchanges on which its securities are listed. In addition, the Company also proactively discloses information, financial or non-financial, that it deems beneficial to deepening its stakeholders' understanding of MHI.

    Disclosure Methods

    Information that is legally mandated for disclosure is released through the measures described in the applicable law. Information that must be disclosed in accordance with timely disclosure regulations is made available through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Other information is disclosed on the corporate website or by other appropriate means in accordance with the nature of its content.

    Quiet Period

    To prevent the leakage of financial results information and ensure impartial disclosure, the Company observes a quiet period commencing three weeks prior to the announcement of its full-year and quarterly results. During this period, the Company refrains from issuing any comments regarding its financial results or earnings outlook. However, even during the quiet period, the foregoing restraint does not apply to information on matters whose disclosure becomes necessary based on timely disclosure regulations.

    Response to Third-party Performance Forecasts and Rumors

    In principle, MHI issues no comments on Company performance forecasts, evaluations or rumors made by third parties. However, this policy does not apply in cases when MHI deems that ignoring such third-party opinions would, or potentially could, have a serious impact on the Company.

    Forward-looking Statements

    With regards to the disclosure of forward-looking statements, such as results forecasts, the Company will exercise judgment based on a sound understanding of information available at the time of disclosure. As such, forward-looking statements are subject to a degree of uncertainty and risk. A variety of factors, including changes in the external environment, may cause actual performance results, etc. to differ significantly from forecasts or outlooks.