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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group has provided viable solutions to increasingly diverse and complex social issues since its establishment in 1884. Our expertise and cutting-edge technologies cultivated throughout our long history have allowed us to contribute to realizing a safe, secure, comfortable and sustainable world.
We will further accelerate our Energy Transition initiatives toward carbon neutrality while securing a stable supply of the energy that is essential to modern society. We will work on the development of Smart Infrastructure and cybersecurity technologies, contributing to greater comfort and prosperity in the life of people throughout society.

Revenue FY23
Revenue (FY2023)
Energy Systems
Plants & Infrastructure Systems
Logistics, Thermal & Drive Systems
Aircraft, Defense & Space

Energy Systems

  • Gas & steam power systems
  • Nuclear power systems
  • Compressors
  • Aero engines
  • Marine machinery, etc.

Plants & Infrastructure Systems

  • Commercial ships
  • Engineering
  • Environmental systems
  • Metals machinery
  • Machinery systems, etc.

Logistics, Thermal & Drive Systems

  • Material handling systems
  • Engines
  • Turbochargers
  • HVAC systems
  • Automotive air conditioners, etc.

Aircraft, Defense & Space

  • Commercial aviation
  • Defense aircraft
  • Missile systems
  • Naval ships
  • Special vehicles (tanks)
  • Maritime systems (torpedoes)
  • Space systems, etc.

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  • Gas Turbine

    Global Share No.1

    Achieved with our gas turbine's outstanding efficiency, output, reliability and future adaptability. (As of 2023)

  • H-IIA Launch Vehicle

    Launch success rate 97.9%

    We pride ourselves on highly reliable, accurate Launch Services we have continued to provide. (Rate as of Jan. 2024)

  • CO₂ Capture System

    Global Share No.1

    Leading CO₂ capture from flue gas on a capacity basis, with our highly-efficient capture technology. (As of Sept. 2023)

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group’s tagline “MOVE THE WORLD FORWARD” represents our commitment to working together with our customers, partners, and communities across the globe to make the world a better place.
It also speaks to MHI Group’s focus on shared success. Our business areas cover land, sea, sky, and even space, making it fair to say our positive impact reaches beyond the world. It is our promise, and a strong call to action for MHI Group employees, to continually look for new ways to create a better future and to help our customers, partners and stakeholders to do the same.
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  • R&D Expenses

    127.4 billion

    Untiringly pursuing the development of technologies and products to bring new innovations to society as a team of engineers.

  • Global Network

    Approximately 300 locations

    In our workplaces including group companies worldwide, we all work together to address diverse social issues.

  • Number of Employees

    77,468 people

    Fostering workplaces where everyone is respected, for employees with diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.

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  • In Business for

    140 years

    Long history of striving to create new things and support people's lives worldwide ever since our founding.

  • Number of Patents Held

    25,711 items

    Contributing to realizing sustainable society with innovations, through intellectual property initiatives focused on social issues.

  • Track Record Worldwide

    Over 60 countries

    Our technology reinforced through many years of after-sales services, with more than 500 kinds of products in operation worldwide,

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Medium-Term Business Plan

MHI Group is working within the framework of the 2024 Medium-Term Business Plan, balancing business growth with further profitability improvements, towards realization of 
a safe, secure, and comfortable world.

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