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The "Meiki" gasoline engines are high-performance small gasoline engines for agricultural and other work machinery, developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Meiki Engines Co., Ltd., MHI Group's subsidiary in charge of engine and turbocharger businesses. 2 Stroke Gasoline Engine 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine MHI Group's gasoline engines are continually evolving, in response to customer needs. The technologically advanced and economical "TLE series" of the 2-stroke gasoline engine achieves super low emission while having enhanced power output, enabling increased productivity. The "GB series" of the 4-stroke gasoline engine has improved usability and startability, enabling a smooth start with a light pull while achieving a reduction in noise and vibration. At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Meiki Engines Co., Ltd., we offer a diversified product lineup in the engine fields. We develop and produce high-quality products based on our technological excellence cultivated over many years and provide a complete service including after-sales services, to ensure client satisfaction.

TLE Series【2 Stroke】

What's different about the MITSUBISHI "TLE"

  • New generation 2-stroke engine with "Stratified Scavenging System"
  • Reliable quality and made in Japan


Care for Environment

  • The rates of THC and CO of an exhaust gas are reduced as compared with a normal 2-stroke engine.


  • It increases an output in comparison to our conventional engines. The work efficiency is higher than previous models.


  • It's possible for the continuous operation over 1 hour to supply fuel one time and also possible to decrease fuel consumption. (The continuous operation hours are based on each condition and situation.)


  • TLE engine is top class lightness in comparison to same class engine. In addition, the size is a compact same as previous 2-stroke engine and superior for equipping the engine. In addition, being a compact design is superior for equipping the engine and improves the feeling of unity with the application.

Simple Maintenance

  • TLE engine is composed of 70% parts in comparison to mini 4-stroke engine with conformed to exhaust regulation emission type. That's why maintenance is easily and also it's succeeded to simple structure and power completely from normal 2-stroke engine and easy to use.

GB Series【4 Stroke】

  • Reliable quality and Basic Performance
  • Responding the customer's request and made in Japan


Easy starting1 - Light puling power

  • We applied new starting technology "advanced de-compression mechanism". You can feel amazing startability because of stable quality against variability of relative parts, so we achieved to reduce around 15% decrease pulling force of recoil starter.
    Users can start engine smoothly with no tough feelings.

Easy starting 2 - Improving startability

  • GB series equipped new carburetor that was optimized fuel flow, and also revised ignition system, that's why GB engines can start easily and quickly.
  • The carburetor with high class treatment for "rust", that can be strong under hard environment and improved the re-startability after long storage.

Sufficient output and superior governor quality

  • Camshaft (Cam-profile) and other gears are also optimized and reduce the inside friction, therefore the maximum output is increased around 5% from previous model. GB series would be performed excellent power without any loss.

Low noise

  • Engine body (Cylinder block) was reviewed to increase the stiffness, and also reviewed the metal parts, cooling fans, valve train system by new cam-profile and others, finally engine got silent compared with competitors.
  • Meanwhile, we developed new muffler to cut noise of high frequency sound, so GB series can be operated without nasty noise.

Abundant application

  • To apply a huge variety of applications in all over the world, we provide abundant engine specification for that. GB series can be accommodated for variety request from customers.


  • MiLAi start / Miracle start

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