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Aviation Equipment Silencer
Engine Test Cell
Marine Machinery Deck Cranes
ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) RUC/Congestion Charging
MLFF System
HTMS/Highway Traffic Management System
Smart Community Management
Toll Collection System
ETC System
Printing Machinery Commercial Web Offset Presses
Newspaper Offset Presses
Paper Converting Machinery Corrugating Machinery
Box Making Machine
Rubber & Tire Machinery Status message Mixer
Inspection Machine
Hydraulic Components Mitsubishi MK Pump
Mitsubishi FG Pump
Mitsubishi RMC Motor
Mitsubishi RMM Motor
Mitsubishi AM Motor
Hydraulic Systems
Particle Accelerator
Test Equipment Car Crash Simulator
Engine Valve Control System (EVC)
Multi-axis Simulation Table
Bogie Dynamic Simulator
Fatigue and Vibration Testing System
Full-Scale Acoustic Wind Tunnel
Driving Simulator
Large-Scale Low-Noise Wind Tunnel
Wind Tunnel Equipment
Supersonic Variable Nozzle
Transonic Cart
Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basin
Marine Dynamics Basin
Cavitation Tunnel
Anechoic Water Tank
Deep Sea Baro-Thermophiles Collecting and Cultivating System
Hydro-Pressure Tanktesting Facility
Flow Environment Simulator
Artificial Climatic Experiment Facilities
Solar Simulation System
Magnetic field measurement system
FEM Analysis
Liquid Lithium Test Loop
Radiation Measurement System for Sacks of Rice
Carrier Systems Truck with Small Turning-Radius
Waste Container Moving and Housing Facility
Pallet Carry Conveyer
Vehicle Carrier Chassis for X-Ray Inspection
Pneumatic Floatation Travelling Truck
Wheeled Platform for Solar Radiation Equipment
Large Inspection Cart
Special Systems Piping Retrofitting and Processing System
Moving Device for Solar Radiation Equipment
Food & Packaging Machinery Filling Machine for Beverages
Pouch-Filling Machine/Molding-Filling Machine
Processing Machine
Container Rinser/Sterilizing Equipment
Coating Equipment
Packaging Machine
Conveyor and Engineering
Gas Holder
Vibration Control Systems
Culture & Sports Theater and Stage Machinery System
Retractable Seating System for Multipurpose Halls and Arenas
Retractable Roof for Domes and Stadiums
Moving System for Domes and Stadiums
Floor Conversion System for Swimming Pools
Leisure Facilities and Attractions

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