Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

In accordance with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group Basic Environmental Policy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. recognizes that the preservation of the irreplaceable global environment is an important issue common to all humanity, and in an effort towards achieving a sustainable society, and through our business activities, each and every employee, as a member of society, strives to preserve the environment and reduce the environmental burden.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. will promote environmental management activities in accordance with the following policies in order to contribute to environmental conservation and reduce environmental impacts through our business activities.

  1. Recognizing the environmental impact of all our activities, products, and services, we promote continuous environmental management activities in addition to preventing environmental pollution and making efforts in environmental conservation.
    Our contribution to the protection of the environment includes the use of sustainable resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
  2. We will comply with all environmental requirements, legal and otherwise, with regards to all of our activities, products and services.
  3. Among the environmental impacts of all our activities, products, and services, we promote the following targets for environmental management that we must meet.
    • ( 1 ) Promotion of the reduction of the environmental impact of our products
    • ( 2 ) Environmental conservation and improvement activities for on-site construction
    • ( 3 ) Environmental conservation activities for all workplaces including education and workplace cleanup
    • ( 4 ) Promotion of the conservation of energy
    • ( 5 ) Promotion of resource conservation
    • ( 6 ) Control the production of waste products
  4. We will ensure that our employees are aware of our environmental policies and make them public so that each and every one of us can improve our environmental awareness and actively implement efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

In order to abide by the above policies, we will set targets, review them periodically, and promote environmental management efforts.

April 1, 2022
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.
Naoaki Ikeda
President and CEO

Environmental Policy for Each Division

In accordance with the company environmental policy, the environmental policies for each division are as follows.

Environmental Policy for ITS Division

In accordance with our management philosophy of contributing to society by providing superior quality products and services, the ITS department aims to contribute to society by providing high quality products and services and creating environmentally friendly and highly reliable ITS's (Intelligent Transport Systems). In order to achieve this, we have established the following environmental action guidelines.

  1. We consider environmental conservation to be one of the most important management issues and strive to conserve and improve the environment.
  2. In order to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and other requirements; fulfill our social responsibilities; and improve our environmental performance, we will establish our own goals, apply and evaluate them, and continuously improve our environmental management systems.

April 1, 2022
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.
Atsushi Yamada
Senior Vice President
Head of ITS Division

Environmental Policy for Infrastructure Facilities Business Division

The Facility Infrastructure Business Department has established the following environmental policies in accordance with the company environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will continuously improve our environmental management activities as well as environmental pollution prevention and conservation activities. Furthermore, we aim to achieve a sustainable society through the promotion of environmental management activities.
  2. We will comply with requirements related to the environment, legal and otherwise, and strive to coexist with society.
  3. The following are the environmental management targets to be promoted for our business department.
    • ( 1 ) Development and provision of products, technologies and services with reduced environmental impact
    • ( 2 ) Reduction of industrial waste (general waste and noncompliant products including those in the supply chain)
    • ( 3 ) Reduction of energy use
    • ( 4 ) Eradication of environmental accidents (chemical substance leaks, release of gases that contribute to global warming, etc.)

April 1, 2022
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.
Satoshi Kojima
Executive Vice President
Head of Infrastructure Facilities Business Division

Environmental Policy for Printing & Packaging Machinery Headquarters

  1. Basic Policy
    In all aspects of our business activities, we will strive to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the construction of a society capable of sustainable development by providing products and services that are environmentally friendly.
    Furthermore, we will strive to protect the environment by using environmentally friendly construction methods and materials and continue to pursue the development of environmentally friendly technologies.
  2. Action Guidelines
  • ( 1 ) In order to abide by our environmental policies, we will gain an accurate understanding of environmental impacts in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of our products (sampling of environmental aspects), establish and review environmental objectives and targets (plan for improvement) to the extent technically and economically feasible, and ensure all employees strive for continuous environmental improvement and progress.
  • ( 2 ) In addition to complying with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and other agreements, we will establish voluntary standards when necessary, apply and assess them, and cooperate with the local community.
  • ( 3 ) In addition to striving to prevent environmental pollution in all aspects of our business, we sufficiently recognize that the activities of each department are directly linked to environmental impacts and will prioritize efforts with regards to the following environmental impacts.
  • [ 1 ] Construction Department
    In addition to efforts to prevent water pollution from plant drainage, we strive to reduce environmental impact through efficient production planning and management of labor hours.
  • [ 2 ] Production/Supply Management Department
    We will provide guidance to our contractors and suppliers and strive to guide the manufacture of and supply environmentally friendly products.
  • [ 3 ] Service Department (Including the Sales Department)
    We will make efforts to propose construction services that lead to the reduction of the environmental impact of our customers, be proactive in the sales of environmentally friendly products, and reduce environmental impact by encouraging the environmentally conscious use of company-owned vehicles at our sites.
  • [ 4 ] Quality Assurance Department and Engineering Department
    Recognizing that reducing costs leads to the reduction of environmental impact, we will strive to reduce our environmental impact by developing and designing environmentally friendly products and reducing claims and losses.
  • [ 5 ] Business Administration Department
    We will strive to raise the environmental awareness of all of our employees through environmental education, and be proactive in spreading information about the environment.
  • ( 4 ) We will release our environmental policies to our employees and to the public.

April 1, 2022
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.
Toshihiko Nakatani
Director, Senior Vice President
Head of Printing & Packaging Machinery Headquarters