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President and CEO Naoaki Ikeda
President and CEO
Naoaki Ikeda

At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd., we make the most of the advanced technology and know-how we have cultivated over many years in wide range of businesses, and have implemented an integrated supply chain that covers design, manufacturing, and after-sales service to provide our customers with safe and high-quality products and services.

Furthermore, through the use of digital technologies such as IoT and AI, we strive to develop high value-added products and create services with speed, thereby contributing to the development of a society in which electrification and intelligent systems are becoming increasingly common.
Our company has specified our purpose as "Mechatronics delivers value and solutions for tomorrow's society." To do so, we will fully utilize the strengths of our company in our diverse technology, product businesses, and human resources, while also introducing the internal and external power of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, to play the role of an "incubator" that will develop new products and businesses.

Thank you for your continued support of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems.

Business Overview

Our Position in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group

Company Consolidation

Our company was established in October 2017 by restructuring and merging stable, profitable small and medium-sized businesses.

Cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

We receive support from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as an operating company, including financial support, corporate functions, R&D functions, etc. Briefly put, we operate as one with MHI.

Table showing Our Position in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group

Our Strength

Aggregation of Technology

The range of businesses, products, and technologies we work with is the largest among all companies in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group. The comprehensive strength of our machinery, structure, and control technologies gives us an unmatched ability to propose products and total solutions to meet the broad needs of customers.

Illustration representing the aggregation of our technologies and the comprehensive strengths of our machinery, structures, and controls

Philosophy and Vision

To pursue the happiness for all our employees as well as contributing to society by means of providing excellent quality products and high quality services.

Corporate Overview

Company Name Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.
Establishment December 2, 1968
Office 1-1, Wadasaki-cho 1-chome, Hyogo-ku, Kobe 652-8585, JAPAN
President Naoaki Ikeda
Capital 2,005,072,645 yen (As of April 1, 2019)
Businesses Design, manufacture, installation, sales, repair, modification, and maintenance of the following products
  1. ITS
    Toll collection system, ETC system, and other ITS-related equipment
  2. Machinery System
    Test equipment, inspection systems, cultural/sports facilities, space equipment, system controllers, electronic control equipment, particle accelerators, and other industrial & general purpose mechanical equipment, rubber mixer, curing press for tires, and other equipment
  3. Hydraulic Machinery
    Hydraulic components, test equipment, deck machinery, deck cranes, air-heaters, and other hydraulic/mechanical equipment
  4. Food & Packaging Machinery
    Food machinery, packaging machinery, and other peripheral equipment and plant systems
  5. Parking System
    Mechanical parking facilities
  6. Steel Structure Plants
    Industrial chimney, seismic isolation/vibration control systems, gas holders, penstocks, various steel structural products
  7. Printing Machinery
    Newspaper & commercial web offset press
  8. Paper Converting Machinery
    Corrugating machinery, box making machine

About Organization

(As of October 1, 2022)

Internal Control Department
Eastern Japan Branch
Western Japan Branch
Safety and Quality
Administrative Division
Safety,Health and Environmental Administrative Department
Quality Management Department
Management Control Division Planning & Accounting Department
General Affairs Department
Procurement & Sourcing Division
ITS Procurement Department
Procurement Department
ITS Division Next Generation ERP Project Office
Planning & Administration Department
ITS Sales Department
Quality Assurance Department
Engineering Department, No.1
Engineering Department, No.2
Manufacturing Department
After Sales Service Department
Infrastructure Facilities Business Division Planning & Administration Department
Project Promotion Department
Machinery & Hydraulic System Sales Department
Food & Packaging Machinery Sales Department
Parking & Steel Structures Sales Department
Quality Assurance Department
Machinery Engineering Department
Precision Mechanics Engineering Department
Parking & Steel Structures Engineering Department
Electricity & Control Systems Engineering Department
Production Control Department
Facilities Construction Department
Customer Relation Department
Printing & Packaging Machinery Headquarters Planning & Administration Department
Printing & Packaging Machinery Sales Department
Customer Service Department
Quality Assurance Department
Mechanical Engineering Department
Electrical Control Engineering Departmentt
Production Control Department
Production Department


(As of April, 2019)

  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. Product-related business transferred from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
1968 Ryoju Environment Engineering, Ltd. is founded
1986 Changed the company name to Shinryo High Technologies, Ltd.
2009 Merged with Shinryo Technical Service Engineering Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Tunneling Machinery & Geotechnology Co., Ltd.

Transferred businesses of environmental equipment, including air pollution and water contamination preventive equipment from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.

Transferred business associated with design of machinery and steel structure products from Seiryo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Changed the company name to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.
2011 Merged with Jyukan Toshi System Service K.K.
  • Test equipment
  • Steel Penstocks
  • Culture and sport facilities
  • Products utilizing biomass
2014 Merged with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Parking Co., Ltd.
Transferred businesses of stacks, gas holders, beer tanks, and seismic isolators/vibration control systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge & Steel Structures Engineering Co., Ltd.
2015 Business split to Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Environmental Solutions, Ltd.
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Solvent regeneration equipment
  • ITS
  • Hydraulic machinery
  • Particle Accelerator
2016 Merged with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Food & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Business split to Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Environmental Solutions, Ltd.
  • Water treatment equipment

Business split to JIM Technology Corporation

  • Tunnel excavators

Business split to SATO TEKKO CO.,LTD

  • Water gates
2017 Merged with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.
  • Test cell
  • Silencer
Transferred the rubber & tire machinery business from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Technology Corporation.
Changed the company name to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.