MLFF System

A gateway for smoother road traffic
The Multi-Lane-Free-Flow (MLFF) system is an electronic tolling technology that enables smooth traffic flow. Besides tolling on highways, MLFF technology can also be applied to a wide variety of ITS applications such as vehicle monitoring for traffic management and efficient vehicle tax management.

Features of the MLFF system

Easy installation and no extra space required
Equipment is easily installed above the existing road and no extra space is required for toll booths.
Resolves traffic jams
Since there is no barrier for stopping the vehicle, the vehicle does not need to slow down to pay the toll. This helps to ease traffic congestion.
Wide-ranging applications
Besides highway tolling, MLFF can also be used for a wide variety of ITS applications such as vehicle monitoring for traffic management, violation control, and vehicle tax management.
MLFF Proof-of-Concept (Malaysia)

Features of the RFID reader

  • Compact design with an integrated antenna and processor to ensure efficient installation and maintenance.
  • Capable of communicating with a fast-moving vehicle at an output of 2 WERP or less, the level required by the wireless radio laws in major Asian countries.
  • Dual-use design available for both toll collection systems for toll booths and Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) systems.
  • Ethernet cable connectivity for easy installation.
  • Robust security design enabling the storage of three generations of security keys.
  • As an RFID for on-vehicle equipment, it conforms with ISO18000-6C, the soon-to-be de facto international standard.
  • Works with vehicles running at very high speed (180 km/h).

Applications of the RFID reader

  • Highway toll collection system(Toll booth and MLFF)
  • Entering and exiting control
  • Parking fee payment system
  • Travel time measurement on expressways
Example of RFID installation

Example of a single lane system introduced

Single lane system (Vietnam)
Global ETC on-board unit

We have supplied ETC antennas and 50,000 OBUs for highways in Vietnam. As rapid growth transforms the Vietnam economy, plans are in place to build over 6,000 kilometer of highways in the near future. Traffic congestion by the growing numbers of vehicles will be a serious issue to cope with. Our ETC antennas and Global ETC OBUs are installed in the southern part of Vietnam on a 55 kilometer stretch of highway between Ho Chi Minh City and Dau Giay.

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