Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review Culture & Sports

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Vol. No. Special Article Category Title
53 (2016) 1 Machinery, Equipment and Infrastructure Company Introduction
39 (2002) 6 Technical Paper The Tsugaru-kokusetsu-Dome Harmonizing with The Nature (Creation Founding on Tsugaru-area)
39 (2002) 6 Product Introduction Stage Machinery System for The Esplanade-Theatres on The Bay in Singapore
33 (1996) 2 Product Introduction Stage Equipment for Main Hall of HAMAMATSU ACT CITY
29 (1992) 2 Technical Paper Stage Machinery System Producing New Performance Space
29 (1992) 2 Product Introduction Stage Machinery of Aster Plaza in Hiroshima City
27 (1990) 2 Technical Paper Computer - Controlled Vertically Movable Floor for the Multipurpose Yokohama Arena