Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review Industrial Equipment

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Vol. No. Special Article Category Title
53 (2016) 1 Machinery, Equipment and Infrastructure Company Introduction
51 (2014) 1 New Products and Technologies Technical Paper
28 (1991) 2 Technical Paper Flow Prediction of Bifurcations Using CFD
28 (1991) 2 Technical Paper Study on Penstock with Mechanical Joints
19 (1982) 4 Technical Paper Development of an Automatic field Welding System for Penstocks in Inclined Tunnel Shaft
18 (1981) 6 Technical Paper Application of Electric Resistance Probe Method to Non-destructive Inspection
12 (1975) 4 Product Introduction Penstock Using 80kg/mm2 High Tensile Strength Steel for Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Ohira Hydraulic Power Station