Respect for Racial Difference and Diversity

Basic Idea of Human Rights

As one of the group companies of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., our Company complies with the below-mentioned MHI Group Global Code of Conduct.

Respect and equality

MHI-MS is strongly committed to human rights and employees' rights as expressed in the relevant international conventions.
With this Code of Conduct, the company seeks to support and develop a single common corporate culture. This culture is one of inclusion and mutual trust, in which everyone who works for MHI-MS is treated equally with dignity and respect, regardless of race, color, religion, political conviction, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or disability or any other characteristic protected by national or local laws. MHI-MS will not tolerate discriminatory treatment of any kind.

MHI-MS will ensure that it:

  • does not use compulsory or forced labor in any of its operations,
  • does not use child labor in any of its operations,
  • maintains a framework of fair and just remuneration, air working hours and benefits, and
  • maintains open communication with employees, according to the laws or practices of the countries in which it operates.

Improvements to realize a safe and employee-friendly working environment

Our Company strives to make improvements to realize a safe and employee-friendly working environment in accordance with the MHI-MS Group Global Code of Conduct mentioned below.

  1. Working in a safe environment
    MHI-MS considers its employees to be its most important asset to achieve its goals and believes that all employees are entitled to a safe and secure workplace where no one is exposed to unnecessary risk.

    MHI-MS is committed to:

    • continuously review and improve its occupational health and safety procedures and guidelines, and
    • give employees the appropriate training and information they require to manage risks in their own work environment whether on MHI-MS property or any other site.

    In support of MHI-MS's commitment every employee is obliged to:

    • participate in all mandatory training,
    • undertake only work for which they are trained, competent, and fit to perform,
    • follow MHI-MS's safety rules and procedures at their workplace, including the use of all relevant standards and instructions,
    • demonstrate safe working practices and refrain from work that is potentially unsafe,
    • help to ensure other people - employees, subcontractors and other relevant parties - follow MHI-MS's safety rules and procedures, and
    • refrain from work when their performance is impaired by illness, injury, alcohol, or any other substance, prescribed or otherwise.
  2. Work environment free of harassment
    Every MHI-MS operation should be characterized by mutual trust and respect for the individual.
    Therefore MHI-MS will not tolerate:
    • sexual harassment,
    • any other kind of harassment, whether direct or indirect, physical or psychological, verbal or non-verbal, and
    • any other action or activity that creates a hostile working environment for its employees.

Contact Offices for Employee Consultations and Approaches to Prevent Harassment

Our Company has established a "Whistle blowing contact office for compliance" operated both inhouse and externally as a contact office for employee consultations. For harassment-related issues, we have set up a "Contact office for consultations on harassment" internally and externally as a contact office specializing in approaches to prevent harassment.
Our Company has set up a contact office specializing in the prevention of harassment to receive information on the circumstances of persons involved through dialogue and to properly deal with harassment incidents while affirming the intentions of persons seeking consultation for resolution.

Promotion of Active Female Participation

Our Company has established the following basic policy as a "General Employer Action Plan" under the Act to Promote Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Basic Principle

Create a workplace where all employees, whether men or women, can actively participate, promote reduced working hours, and actively approach the promotion of work-and-life balance under the initiative of top management.

Under this basic policy, our Company endeavors to reduce long working hours by setting the goal of "Reducing the average total annual working hours per employee to less than 2000 hours by the end of March 2021."

The following are the main measures to meet the above goal:

  1. Designate every Wednesday as a "refresh day," and a salary and lump-sum payment payday as a "harmony day," and designate the refresh day and harmony day as "days when employees leave work on time."
  2. The manager of each workplace takes the initiative to encourage his or her subordinates in the workplace to take paid annual leave. The goal is to have each employee take 20 or more days of paid annual leave, on average, per year.

In addition, our Company promotes its own work system reforms and takes steps to streamline work, etc. within the framework of this activity.

Information on Employees

Composition of employees
(including rehired employees)
Male 1,911 persons
Female 223 persons
Total 2,134 persons
Composition of persons in managerial positions Male 435 persons
Female 7 persons
Total 442 persons
Rate of annual paid leave taken 68.00% (14.96 days / 22 days)
Number of persons
mandatorily retired / number of persons rehired
Number of persons mandatory retired 52 persons (without employment extension: 12 persons)
(Persons subject to mandatory retirement as of September 2022 and March 2023)
Forty of the 52 mandatory retired persons were reemployed.
Average age 47 years old
Average number of years of continuous service 18.74
Number of persons newly employed Male 18 persons
Female 0 persons
Total 18 persons
Turnover rate 18.90% (18/95 persons)
Turnover rate among new graduates employed from April 1, 2020 to April 1, 2022
Rate of employment of persons with disabilities Calculated employment base 1394.5
Actual employment rate 2.51%
  • Statutory employment rate stipulated by the amended Act for the Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities = 2.3%
    The calculated employment base and actual employment rate above are values as of June 1, 2023.
  • All figures are values as of April 1, 2023, except for the employment rate for persons with diabilities (including temporarily transferred employees, rehired employees, and contract employees)