Toll Collection System

Our ITS business started providing a punch card toll-collection system to the domestic market back in 1967. We have been innovating and providing various toll collection systems and solutions in the half century since.
We continue to evolve our responses to the diversified needs of customers with the manufacturing know-how and reliable design we have accumulated over our years as a provider of one-stop IT services spanning all phases from design and manufacturing through to construction.

Outline of the Toll Collection System

Magnetic card system

Developed for toll roads where the tolls differ by travel distances and vehicle types. The entry gate issues a ticket pass with data on the location of entry and the vehicle type recorded on a magnetic stripe. The toll collected at the exit gate is automatically calculated based on the recorded data on the ticket card.


It is a small toll ticket card with high data density. It also prevents forgery and falsification of information due to its high coercivity features.

Automatic entry gate

A combination of an automatic ticket issuing system and automatic vehicle classification system enables unmanned entry gate at toll booth.

Highly accurate vehicle classification system

A combination of real-time number plate recognition system, vehicle detector, vehicle classification treadle, and vehicle height detector and length detector enables to instantly and accurately determine the vehicle class.

User friendly toll terminal machine

It is a user friendly Toll Terminal machine with large liquid crystal display (LCD) touch-panel display.

Operational efficiency

In addition to the automatic data collection and reporting of toll data, toll plaza offices, regional management offices, and head quarter are connected online. This enables real-time monitoring and management of toll plazas from remote regional management offices and head quarter which contributes to the improvements in overall operational efficiency.

Remote monitoring system

Our products rely on various types of remote-control systems. Some of our systems collectively monitor plural toll plazas via IP network communication and backup data stored to safeguard against system failures.

Manpower reduction

We have facilitated the unmanned operation of toll booths by developing an automatic toll collection system incorporating a card reader that enables multiple processing of recycling coins, banknote processing, and ETC/credit cards.

High maintainability

Toll terminal machine and receipt printers are designed to be easily resupplied with tickets and receipt papers assuring high maintainability.

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