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Leaflet The autonomous, explosion-proof, plant inspection robot EX ROVR “ASCENT” Leaflet (2.2MB)
Instruction manual EX ROVR Instruction manual Corrigendum & Additional Info_1 (248KB)
EX ROVR Operation Manual (41.33 MB)
EX ROVR Installation and Setup Manual (16.13 MB)
EX ROVR Maintenance Manual (15.47 MB)
Certificate EU-type examination certificate SCA22ATEX140X EX20GV (746 KB)
EU-type examination certificate SCA22ATEX141X ER20CS (745 KB)
IECEx CoC IECEx_TIIS_22.0002_000 ER20GV (88 KB)
IECEx_CoC IECEx_TIIS_22.0003_000 ER20CS (114 KB)
Certificate of Conformity TC22782 ER20CS (Japanese only) (71 KB)
Certificate of Conformity TC22783X ER20GV (Japanese only) (108 KB)
Risk Assessment (Not ready)
Published documents and presentations
EX ROVR presentation with demonstration 2020 summer (You can see the presentation with explanation sound in "slide show" of PowerPoint.)(zip/80MB)

You can see the presentation with explanation sound in "slide show" of PowerPoint.

Ken Onishi. Explosion-proof Robotics Technology Contributing to Prevent and Response to the Flammable Gas Disaster in the Petrochemical Facilities. Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan, Vol.38, APR. 2020 (Japanese only) (5.4MB)
Emura,'EX ROVR development summary', Sprint robotics World Conference 2019, 22 Oct. 2019 (1.02 MB)
Ken Onishi. Explosion Proof Design of the Unmanned Mobility which collects Information and works on behalf of Operators in Flammable Gas Environment. Journal of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, 2021, 60.4: 276-279. (Japanese only) (1.1MB)
Mizuno. Utilization of SORACOM Service for EX ROVR “ASCENT”, Explosion-Proof Plant Inspection Robot. SORACOM Discovery 2021, 23 June 2021 (Japanese only)(2.0MB)

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