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How to use the Scenario Maker to create inspection routines

Live demonstration, Summer 2021

  • Obstacle negotiation making use of subtracks

  • Navigation on narrow catwalk

  • Long staircase ascension

  • Close-up gauge inspection using the robotic arm

  • Pressing button using the robotic arm

  • Inspection in narrow environment with stairs

  • Navigation on stair landing

  • Outdoor operation through rough terrains

EX ROVR Summer Live Demonstration 2020

Everything you need to know about EX ROVR: an overview of the features of our latest prototype robot (Gen 1.5), autonomous navigation in a two-story mockup plant, gauge inspection using a robotic arm, and the inspection dashboard on the cloud system.

EX ROVR Promotion

EX ROVR Concept

EX ROVR (Gen. 1.5) Demonstration


EX ROVR (Gen. 1.0) Demonstration in 2018

Sakura II (First explosion-proof robot) Demonstration in 2016

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