Advanced light water reactor "SRZ-1200"
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The SRZ-1200 is a 1,200MWe class advanced light water reactor designed based on enhanced Japanese regulatory safety standards which incorporates lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident. Development of the SRZ-1200 is in progress which will ensure the regulatory requirements of "strengthening safety equipment" and "resistance to natural disaster and security against terrorism and unforeseen event" are fulfilled. The cumulation of this development will ensure safety and reliability of the SRZ-1200.

Concept of SRZ-1200

Supreme Safety

✓ High resistance to external hazard. (earthquake, tsunami, act of terrorism etc)
✓ Confine radioactive material in case of accident, and impact limited to inside of plant.

Zero Carbon & Sustainable

✓ Zero CO2 emission, flexible operation in coexistence with renewable energy

Resilient Light Water Reactor

✓ High electricity output and stable generation as base load energy source


The name of SRZ has the following meaning:

S: supreme safety, sustainability
R: resilient light water reactor
Z: ultimate type (Z) contributing to society by Zero Carbon emission.
(In Japan, "Z" also has a meaning of "ultimate type")
1200: represents the electrical power output of 1200MWe class

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