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What’s Fusion?

Fusion energy is produced when two nucleuses fuse into a nucleus what powers the Sun allows it to shine.
The energy generated from one gram of fusion fuels is equivalent to the amount of energy generated by a tanker truck of oils. The fuels have abundant inventories in seawater as nuclides to become fuels including deuterium and lithium. Based on its unique energy density and abundance, the energy is anticipated as a candidate of the global core energy source necessary for our future lives.

Fusion Reaction in the Sun

The Sun is massive and impressive spectacle in our sky. But, the sun is a fixed star maintained by a constant state of naturally occurring fusion energy reactions which take place under ultrahigh temperature of 16,000,000 degrees Celsius (ᵒC) and its huge pressure of 25,000,000,000 megapascal (MPa) in its core region.

Fusion reaction in the Sun

MHI’s Efforts to Develop Fusion Energy

MHI has a long history of producing equipment and systems for exploring fusion energy through our participation in the domestic national research and development projects and the international project ITER and R&D Fusion Demonstration Reactor program. MHI’s efforts in these programs shall be contributed to our society in the future, because the fusion energy has a unique potential to solve issues on our earth, specifically global warming and energy security.

MHI’s Contributions to the ITER Project

MHI has manufactured the Toroidal Field Coils for the ITER project as a contribution of japan. These components are considered to become one of the most important components to operate the ITER project which is executed by the integration of seven key participants: Japan, Europe, USA, Russia, China, Korea, and India.

MHI’s Efforts to Advance the Fusion Demonstration Reactor

MHI continues to advance the development of a Fusion Demonstration Reactor through the integration of highly technical concepts and new ideas created by our engineers based on our historical development of fusion technologies.

Contributions to the ITER project

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