Mitsubishi Computer Network System
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Function diagram

Data sampling and recording

Data from external equipment are sampled for recording and analysis.

Real time and trend monitoring

  • System overvie
  • Weather information
  • Machinery information
  • Tank information
  • Past track information
  • Watch report and noon report

Information retrieval function

Onboard groupware function

  • E-mail
  • Electrical bulletin
  • Scheduler

Ship & shore communication

System Configuration

System Configuration Diagram

1. Network system

Network system consists of one Communication server, one Data server and several terminals.
If any troubles occur for network route, self-diagnosis function will work and give an alarm.

2. Data acquisition unit

Interfaces with ARPA, Gyro compass, IBS and other onboard equipment will enable the system to monitor related information automatically.

3. Ship and shore communication system

By using of onboard telephone system, INTERNET, e-mail functions are available.
Also, reports and database can be shared with shore office*.

To use this service, you must install software for shore office.

Business contact

  • Industry & Infrastructure Systems Ship & Ocean Business

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