3D Sea Bottom Resource Exploration Vessel
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The 3D sea bottom resource exploration vessel features the latest 3D analysis capability which is used to discover resources for deep sea mining.
Over the years, MHI Group has develop and built various special purpose vessels to meet the different needs of our customers. The 3D sea bottom resource exploration vessel, which many hope will help resolve the world’s energy crisis, is 104 meters long with a maximum width of 70 meters, specially designed to achieve more efficient 3D seismic surveys using acoustic waves. Air sources emit acoustic waves that strike the seabed and strata boundaries and bounce back as echoes. These echoes are detected by sensors inside multiple streamer cables several kilometers in length that are towed from the vessel's stern. By processing and analyzing the data from these cables, it is possible to identify whether resources oil or natural gas likely exist below the seabed.
Gross tonnage 20,637 t
Length 104.2 m
Breadth 70.0 m
Speed 15.5 knots

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