Mitsubishi Advanced Propeller (MAP) Mark-W Propellers
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The MAP (Mitsubishi Advanced Propeller) meets the need for energy saving propellers that perfectly fit ships. We design the most suitable propeller blade for each ship, tailored to each customer's specification, using extensive technical know-how and in-depth experience in shipbuilding.
The MAP Mark-W propeller delivers even more efficiency while maintaining cavitation performance. When designing propellers, not only is higher efficiency important, but having lower propeller-induced vibratory forces is also key. MAP Mark-W propellers employ cutting-edge fluid technology and can be used in any type of ship. The MAP Mark-W is ideal for retrofitting and improves propeller efficiency and fuel consumption, leading to lower operating costs and a lower environmental impact.


  • High propulsion efficiency
Highly reliable
  • Maintains excellent propeller strength
  • Excellent cavitation performance with streamlined tips and reduced blade area
Compact design
  • Lower propeller mass and moment of inertia

Development Concept

Used in Combination with Slow Steaming

Designed to suit slow steaming requirements, the Mark-W can improve fuel efficiency by between 3% and 6% (when designed for 70-85% MCR conditions). Taking the following MCR conditions as an example for a 6,300TEU container ship installed with a MAP propeller, fuel consumption can be decreased as follows with the installation of a Mark-W propeller: (Case 1) 100% MCR = 3.0%, (Case 2) 85% MCR = 4.0%, and (Case 3) 70% MCR = 5.0%. The amount of fuel saved in these cases are shown in Figure. By designing a propeller that matches the actual operational needs of a customer, it is possible, for example, to achieve fuel savings of between $300,000 and $500,000 per year when operating at 50% engine load.



MHI-MME has more than 100 years' experience in the design and manufacture of propellers, and has produced more than 5,000 propellers. Our propellers are developed in collaboration with R&D for shipbuilding, allowing us to incorporate the latest designs into all new ships.


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