Supporting device

Smart Cruising Assist (SCA) is a digital gauge panel for MITSUBISHI ENGINE which can assist customer in fuel efficient operation. It is equipped with numerous functions to assist vessel owners.


  • Fuel Efficient Navigation Assisting Function
    It allows fuel oil consumption (FOC) to be measured and displayed in real time with easy-to-read graph which shows relations between load factor and FOC.
    With visualized status of FOC, owner can improve FOC by adjusting load factor.
  • Maintenance Assistance
    Maintenance interval for each equipment/item can be monitored by easy to see meters.
    It can prevent omission of maintenance and engine malfunction.
  • Remote Monitoring System
    Accumulated data of engine operation can be checked by anywhere through the Internet.
    With this service, the owner can check the status of vessel operation from head office, port office, etc.
    Further, the owner can share a way of efficient operation inside own company by sharing accumulated date of efficient vessel with other vessel operator.

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