Gas Fuel Supply System (MHI-GEMS)
[ Engineering Business ]

MHI have developed the first high-pressure gas supply system in Japan, which drives marine engines by natural gas. Adopting a mechanism to boost LNG (liquefied natural gas) pressure by pump to 30MPa (approximately 300 atmospheres), MHI-GEMS features a compact structure and low power consumption. The incorporation of a hydraulic power unit to its pump driving system eliminates reducers and facilitates speed shift and free placement. Leveraging our broad technology foundation and extensive research findings, including in marine engine technology and that related to seals for general machinery, as well as harnessing the cryogenic technology developed in our LNG shipbuilding business, MHI have successfully commercialized this system.
MHI-GEMS supplies LNG to engines, which emits less CO2 than conventional heavy oil fuel and reduces the environmental load.

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