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SUZURAN is a high-speed Ro-Pax (passenger/car) ferry, designed and built at MHI Group’s Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works.
The ship, delivered to its owner, Shin Nihonkai Ferry on June 14, 2012, is the second generation high-speed Ro-Pax ferry SUZURAN, serving the Tomakomai - Tsuruga route. The vessel adopts a hybrid CRP POD propulsion system which achieves extremely low fuel consumption compared to the ordinary Ro-Pax ferries. Its hull form design and propulsion system were optimized considering its service route and operation profile. As a result, it’s propulsive performance is 10% greater than previous vessels.
Gross Tonnage 34,400 t
Length 224.5 m
Breadth 26.0 m
Speed 27.5 knots

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