Fin Stabilizers
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Fin Stabilizers
Fin stabilizers from MHI-MME are reliable, durable, and provide an excellent handling performance under all conditions.
Our fin stabilizers feature an extremely responsive hydraulic system and have powerful computational ability. They deliver optimal responses to changing wave patterns, and by using “fuzzy control” can handle even the most irregular waves.


Cutting-edge technology
  • Excellent anti-rolling performance
  • Excellent stability achieved through fuzzy control system
  • Rapid response by electro-hydraulic system
Highly reliable
  • High sealing reliability
  • Extended roll-sensor working life
Easy maintenance

Lineup and Specifications

Type MR-S MR-1 MR-2 MR-3 MR-4
Fin area m2/side 3 5 7 9 12
Weight ton/side 15 26 39 56 77
Motor output kW/side 15 22 37 45 75


In 1920, we developed the world's first fin-type stabilizer, which was installed on a passenger ship operating between Hakata and Tsushima in Kyushu, Japan.

In 1983, we established a technical collaboration with Vosper Thornycroft (U.K.) Limited, a British manufacturer of fin stabilizers, and began making fin stabilizers with a non-retractable design for defense ships and patrol boats.

In 1988, we developed a retractable fin stabilizer for merchant vessels such as ferries and cruise ships, heralding a new era in smooth sea travel.


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