Bombardier Global 5000/6000
[ Civil Aircraft ]

The Global series is a luxurious business jet developed by Bombardier.
This aircraft has an executive design accompanying eight passengers and can fly non-stop for 12,000km between Tokyo and New York, which was previously not possible for a business jet. MHI Group is responsible for the manufacturing of the main wing, center fuselage, and center wing.

Main specifications

Length 30.30m
Wingspan 28.65m
Height 7.57m
Engine BR710A2-20
Max. cruise speed M0.89
Max. wgt. at take-off 43.091kg
Crew / Passengers 2-4/8-19
Range 11.131km

MHI Group’s involvement

Responsible parts main wing, center fuselage, and center wing
First aircraft supplied in 1996 (to Bombardier)

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