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The 767 transport is a civil aircraft jointly developed under the international cooperation of Japan, the U.S., and Italy, promoted as the 7X7 project.
The work share of Japan is approximately 15%, with MHI Group manufacturing the aft fuselage panel and cargo doors. Boeing 767 marked its first flight in 1981. The aircraft has a semi-wide body, with a 4.7m maximum diameter cabin. A new type of aluminum alloy and composite material are used in various parts, to improve the durability and reduce the structural weight, while improving the operability and safety by digitalizing the pilot system.

Main specifications of-300ER

Width 47.6m
Length 54.9m
Height 15.9m
Gross weight 186,900kg
Engine 28,200kg×2
Max. speed M 0.86
Crew member/passenger 2/210 - 290

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