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The Boeing 787 (commonly known as the "Dreamliner") is a civil aircraft, jointly developed under the international cooperation of Japan and the U.S.
The work share of Japan is the highest ever at 35% of the overall aircraft and, for the first time for a full-scale passenger aircraft, MHI is responsible for manufacturing the composite wing box. The wing box was designed making greater use of composite materials with the aim of achieving a 20% reduction in weight, compared to other similarly sized airplanes. Of all the aircrafts, the 787 Dreamliner has the largest composite wing, and its wing box is approximately five times in length compared to an F-2 fighter wing and twice as long as the777 vertical tail, and its surface is approximately ten times compared to an F-2 fighter wing box and three times compared to the 777 vertical tail. Through manufacturing the 787 Dreamliner collaborating with other partners of The Boeing Company, MHI Group has developed unrivaled technologies in the design and manufacturing of large-scale composite wings.
Width 60m
Length 57m
Height 17m
Maximum weight at take-off 484,000lbs=219,540kgs
Engines Trent1000×2 or GEnx×2
Maximum speed M 0.85
Crew member/passenger 210~290

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