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Boeing 747 is a civil aircraft developed by the Boeing Company and first flew in 1969.
A four-engines wide-body aircraft, Boeing 747 has had many types including cargos and has been in service all over the world. The aircraft has undergone various updates over the years, and 747-400 employs an inertial guidance system for navigation and control, a precise automatic pilot, enabling accurate navigation with just two crew members. MHI Group manufactures the inboard flaps and center wing for the Boeing Company, which currently produces the 747-8 series.

Main specifications of Boeing 747-400

Width 65.1m
Length 70.7m
Height 19.3m
Max. wgt. at take-off 396,890kg
Engine 26,700kg×4
Max. speed M 0.92
Crew member/passenger 2/400 - 450

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