[ Civil Aircraft ]

The Boeing 777 is the first commercial transport which employs a Fly-By-Wire flight control system.
The civil aircraft is jointly developed under the international cooperation of Japan and the United States, in which Japan assumes approximately 20% of the work. MHI Group manufactures the aft fuselage panel, tail fuselage, and entry doors. The Boeing 777 marked its first flight in 1994. The outer diameter of the fuselage of Boeing 777 is 6.2m, the widest next to the 747, and can place a maximum of 500 seats (for long fuselage type). To reduce the structural weight of the aircraft as well as to enhance its durability and reliability, a new type of aluminum alloy is used on the wing, and a composite material is used on approximately 9% of the body.

Main specifications of Boeing 777-200

Wingspan 60.9m
Length 63.7m
Height 18.5m
Max. wgt. at take-off 229,500kg
Engine 38,100kg×2
Max. speed M 0.87
No. of crew members / passengers 2 / 305 - 440

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