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Performance Data

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Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy policy and focus areas

Focus area (1) Upbringing of the next generation
Relevance to business MHI regards scientific technology as a source of growth; therefore issues such as children's loss of interest in and capacity for understanding science and a reluctance engage in science may become challenges to the Company's ability to secure and cultivate human resources for the future. Because of this danger, creating activities that spark children's interest in science and promote it as a field of study comprises an important part of maintaining a sustainable business.
Focus area (2) Local contribution
Relevance to business As MHI executes business all over the world. It is a critical aspect for business continuity to live in harmony and establish high confidence with every local communities where we operate.
Focus area (3) Environment
Relevance to business As MHI business activities are global and encompasses developing/emerging economies, environmental consideration in business operation is critical for our business continuity.

Social contribution input

Social contribution input Unit 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Coverage Group Group Group Group Group
Total amount Millions of yen 1,899 2,053 2,542 1,668✓ 1,766
Category Academic research Millions of yen 428 452 491 438✓ 379
Education Millions of yen 596 636 1,115 627✓ 607
Community Millions of yen 135 295 108 94✓ 123
Sports Millions of yen 177 100 134 90✓ 70
Others millions of yen 563 570 693 419✓ 587
Type Cash contributions Millions of yen 770 1,027 856 783 678
Time contributions Millions of yen 490 819 1,126 283 405
In-kind giving Millions of yen 105 40 22 31 14
Management overheads Millions of yen 534 167 538 571 669

Social contribution benefit

Unit 2015 2016 2017 2018
KPIs-Focus area (1)
Cumulative total number of science classes
Number of participants 9,350 58,578 62,898✓ 111,453
Coverage Group Group Group Group
KPIs-Focus area (2)
Records of natural disaster affected area assistance programs
Number of assistance   2 6 5✓ 4
Contributed amounts Millions of yen 6 45 43✓ 35
Coverage Group Group Group Group
KPIs-Focus area(3)
Record of Supporting conservation survey for loggerhead turtles in Tanegashima
Number of applicants for volunteer by employees (Number of participants) 33(12) 159(26) 81(24) 68(36)
Number of loggerhead turtle individual identification surveys during egg laying 23 42 52 18
Number of hatched baby loggerhead turtle individual identification surveys (Note) - 12 - 123
  • In 2015 and 2017, surveys for hatched baby Loggerhead turtle were not conducted because of bad weather etc.
Benefits to business
  • Experience of teaching science classes facilitates employees to develop their presentation and communication capacity and motivates them.
  • Early recovery of business regions critical to MHI Group through assistance to areas affected by natural disasters.
  • Supporting conservation surveys leads employees to improve their environmental awareness.
Contributing to society through business To promote sustainable business practices, MHI Group believes that it is important to contribute to the development of the countries and regions where we operate and to build good relationships founded on mutual trust. At each overseas location, we promote management that is respectful of the culture and practices of each region of operation. At the same time, we create employment by expanding our business while actively recruiting suppliers and working toward better procurement.