Products / Projects that Contribute to the Environment

MHI Group's In-house Awards for Activities that Contribute to Mitigating Impacts on the Global Environment -- Best Innovation 2022 Awards --

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.'s (MHI) in-house award program "Best Innovation" aims to raise environmental contribution awareness among its Groupwide employees and encourage further innovation. We have selected and recognized the following business activities that contribute to mitigation of environmental Impacts, to preserve and protect the global environment. The award-winning products and practice in 2022 are described below.

Reduction of carbon emissions through provision of large-capacity centrifugal chillers for high-efficiency district cooling

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd., Chiller & Heat Pump Engineering Department

Parallel Type Centrifugal Chiller

Parallel Type Centrifugal Chiller

MHI Thermal Systems has commercialized high-efficiency, large-capacity parallel (i.e., featuring dual compressors) centrifugal chillers that consume minimal energy and are adaptable to lower environmentally impact refrigerants. As the global strategic product for the centrifugal chiller business, to date approximately 70 parallel type centrifugal chillers have been delivered mainly for the district cooling plant and semiconductor factory in the Middle East, Singapore, Korea and Japan. Their outstanding quality and high reliability have contributed significantly to enhance market recognition of MHI Thermal Systems in the global market. In addition, they also have contributed to reduce the carbon emissions substantially along with environmental protection by the adoption of lower environmentally impact refrigerants and higher energy efficiency characteristic compared to the conventional machine.

Reusing processed waste material from the composite aircraft wing in household application

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Commercial Aviation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric iNSTICK ZUBAQ cordless cleaner

Mitsubishi Electric iNSTICK
ZUBAQ cordless cleaner

Waste materials from composite wings produced for Boeing's 787 mid-size aircraft is being reused in household application. Carbon fiber waste material generated during the wing production process is commercially repurposed for use in the pipes and handles of the "iNSTIK ZUBAQ," a cordless stick cleaner produced by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The move has put MHI in the lead in building a supply chain that includes reuse of difficult-to-recycle carbon fiber waste material in a mass-manufactured product. Effective use of resources has contributed to mitigation of environmental impact and protection of the global environment, thereby enhancing the Company's corporate image.

The "Best Innovation" program, held annually since fiscal 2003, is an internal program to recognize innovative new products, services, technologies, businesses, and environmental activities within MHI Group. A total of 19 awards were given this year, including the 2 environment-related projects presented here.

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