CSR Framework


In accordance with the three statements that are at the heart of our Principles, the MHI Group serves as a manufacturing corporation that contributes to societal progress through its business endeavors of delivering products and technologies in support of social and industrial infrastructure worldwide. In this way, MHI is contributing to the resolution of global issues. Furthermore, MHI believes the basis of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to engage in business activities that take its diverse range of stakeholders into consideration and return profits to all stakeholders in optimum fashion, while at the same time providing excellent products and technologies to realize a sustainable society and a secure future for people and the planet.
In 2007, we formulated CSR Action Guidelines to serve as collective standards for all MHI Group employees. These guidelines provide a concrete and easy-to-understand way for employees to consistently keep CSR in mind as the Group contributes to societal progress through its business endeavors and through a corporate creed centered on the principles of CSR. 
In 2015, we formulated the MHI Group Code of Conduct in response to the Group's globalization and diversification. As a global company, the MHI Group employs individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, and the code of conduct describes how MHI employees should conduct themselves. Furthermore, we promote respect for human rights and support international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In light of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 2011, and in keeping with international society's increasing emphasis on human rights, we formulated the MHI Basic Policy on Human Rights in 2014.
Recent years, respond to the increasing importance of sustainability in international rules and guidelines, as seen in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, growing investment in Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG), and the EU taxonomy and subsequent changes in megatrends influencing the MHI Group. In 2020 we reviewed the materiality identified in 2015 and added five new items.

CSR Action Guidelines

MHI strives to move the world toward a more secure future. Through our technology, our business practices, and our people, we:

Care for the planet

We are eco-conscious, and engineer environmentally-friendly technologies that improve sustainability and protect the Earth

Create a more harmonious society

We embrace integrity and proactive participation to solve societal challenges

Inspire the future

We cultivate global talent who share a vision and desire to move the world forward for generations to come


CSR Promotion System

MHI has established the CSR Committee as the management-level body for making decisions related to CSR. Chaired by the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO, the executive officer in charge of CSR), the CSR Committee comprises six members including the general counsel (GC, director), Chief Financial Officer (CFO, director), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the officer in charge of human resources (HR), and head of the Business Strategy Office. In principle, with the aim of establishing an ESG/Sustainability Promotion System, the committee meets twice each year to determine various policies and material items related to CSR and conduct status reports, and deliberates and reports on important matters related to ESG at the Management meeting attended by multiple directors.
As is outlined below, we have also put in place various committees(Note), such as the Compliance Committee and the Environment Committee, to deliberate material items related to CSR.

Audit and Supervisory Committee Members: Audit and Supervisory Committee Members (five)
Number of meetings: 16 (FY2019)
Nomination and Remuneration Meetings Members: Outside directors (six) and the President and CEO
Number of meetings: 8 (FY2019)
Outside Directors' Meetings Members: Outside directors (six) + management personnel (as necessary)
Number of meetings: 1 (FY2019)
CSR Committee Members: Chaired by the CSO (the executive officer in charge of CSR), including the GC (director), CFO (director), CTO, the officer in charge of HR, and head of the Business Strategy Office.
Number of meetings: 1 (FY2019)
Compliance Committee Members: Chaired by the Executive Vice President, GC, and composed of 24 members.
Number of meetings: 2 (FY2019)
Committee for Raising Awareness of Human Rights Members: Chaired by the Senior Vice President in charge of HR, and composed of 25 members.
Number of meetings: As necessary
MHI Group Environment Committee Members: Chaired by the Executive Vice President, CTO and composed of 13 members.
Number of meetings: 1 (FY2019)
International Trade Control Committee Members: Chaired by the Executive Vice President, GC, and composed of 13 members.
Number of meetings: 2 (FY2019)
  • The number of meetings held is the number within the target fiscal year. Committee members are to issue the report.

Conformity to International Code of Conduct

Being a global company, MHI always conducts its business activities in accordance with international codes of conduct. In 2004, MHI became a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, committing itself to making ongoing efforts throughout the Group to respect and carry out its Ten Principles spanning four basic areas: human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. We promote CSR activities that are in accordance with ISO 26000, which was formulated in 2010 as an international guideline on the social responsibilities of organizations. We endeavor to disclose information in accordance with Japanese and overseas reporting standards. One such international standard for the reporting of non-financial information is the Sustainability Reporting Standards of the Global Reporting Standards Initiative.