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Scrubber Retrofit Engineering

We organize an engineering team consisting of professionals in planning, structure, hull, machinery, and electrical equipment for each project, and proceed with retrofit design while referring to ship classification rules.

Flowchart of Scrubber Retrofit

01 Preliminary Survey for Installation
We discuss with our customers how the scrubber should be installed on the planned ship.


We propose an easier and more certain scrubber installation methods while maintaining the original functions of ships that carry goods and people.

  • Tower/element equipment schematic arrangement
  • Examination of required power and power system
02 Basic Design
We verify the modified specifications of the planned ship and prepare drawings in accordance with scrubber installation.


The scrubber development team and the basic designers become one team to create the necessary classification approval drawings for construction.

  • 3D scan
  • Sea chest arrangement
  • Large pipe route planning
  • Short-circuit current calculation
  • Outfitting calculation
  • Scrubber casing structural plan
  • L/W and center of gravity estimation
  • Stability verification
  • Local vibration analysis
03 Detailed Design
We develop and draw detailed designs for piping, electrical circuits, and structures.


Design professionals with extensive knowledge on scrubber plants do top class work.

  • Piping system design
  • Integrated layout design
  • Instrumentation design
  • Electrical system design
  • Main circuit plan
  • Structural design
  • Total amount of construction work
  • Calculation of planned ship weight and center of gravity
04 Production Design
We create drawings for manufacturing and constructing piping, electrical circuits, structures, etc.


Design professionals with extensive shipbuilding knowledge do top class work.

  • Structure work drawings
  • Piping drawings
  • Fitting drawings
  • Installation drawings for piping and fittings
  • Materials sheets
05 Installation Support
We provide our full support to installation plans in accordance with our customer’s requests.


Professionals at the shipyard do top class work.

  • Examination of documents/drawings prepared by the repair dock
  • Technical supervision and advice for installation work
  • Dispatch of S/V for installation work

Examples of Installation Engineering

Ship Type 300,000 DWT VLCC
Main Engine Output Abt.27MW
Tower Type,
Before retrofit.
Before retrofit.
After retrofit.
After retrofit.
After retrofit. (inside)
After retrofit. (inside)
Ship Type 14,000 TEU Container Ship
Main Engine Output Abt.49MW
Tower Type,
Before retrofit.
Before retrofit.
After retrofit.
After retrofit.
After retrofit. (inside)
After retrofit. (inside)

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