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The world first funnel which integrates SOx abatement system to enable best space efficiency and shortest installation work period.

No cargo loss
The shape of ACTIVE FUNNEL is optimized to fit engine casing between container holds of ULCS.
Shorten installation period by all-in-one module
Including functions not only SOx abatement but also hot air escape from engine room, air vent of the tanks and mist release from engines.
Saving modification cost
No scrubber foundation and less reinforcement under the installation deck.
Installing ACTIVE FUNNEL onboard the ship at one time.
Design with structural safety
Strength and Vibration-analysis by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding.
Flexible design
Structure modification of installation deck is reduced since the ACTIVE FUNNEL design is flexible.
Open Loop & Hybrid system
Both open loop and hybrid systems are available.


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    It can integrate outfitting other than exhaust gas cleaning system, such as air vent pipes, hot air escape damper, mist box etc.
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    Example of Installation Study:
    Installing ACTIVE FUNNEL on B-deck of a 14,000TEU container ship.
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    Easy to avoid a resonance problem by simple characteristics of vibration response.
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    Weight reduction by about 20%, being integrated to the hull structure, compared with conventional stand-alone scrubbers.
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    Replacing original funnel with ACTIVE FUNNEL when retrofitting.
    Shortens installation period with all-in-one module.
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    World first funnel with exhaust gas cleaning function.

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